Sunday, February 28, 2010

READING : Vampire Kisses by Ellen Shcreiber

The mansion on top of Benson Hill has been empty and boarded up for years. But a new family has moved in. A family that never ventures out during the day. Who are these creepy people -- especially the handsome, dark, and elusive Alexander Sterling? Or rather, what are they? Could the town gossip actually be true? Are they vampires? Raven, who secretly covets a vampire kiss, both at the risk of her own mortality and Alexander's loving trust, is dying to uncover the truth.

Loved it, loved it , loved it!
Fast paced, humorous, unbelievably sweet, Vampire Kisses totally surprised me by being such a good read.Raven is a character that all teen goth-girls can connect with.What makes her so real, is her desire to find someone different, not someone from the bunch, someone like her to communicate with.Isn't that what everyone is maniacally searching? Connection and communication.
Granted, Schreiber has taken a somewhat lighter approach to these issues (the two leads "fall in love" in 24 hours -doesn't appeal to me much), but she is approaching them nonetheless, which is more than I can say about other YA vamp books.
Unfortunately, I only own the first 2 books from the series and I really hope I can find the third :(

Alexander : I want a relationship I can finally sink my teeth into.

Raven : [the moon] makes me think of werewolves. Do you think a man can change into an animal?

Alexander : If he's with the right girl...


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