Thursday, March 25, 2010

READING : Firestarter by Stephen King

Young Charlie McGee is a very special girl. The result of scientific experimentation on her parents, she has the ability create fires wherever and whenever she chooses, by force of will alone. On the run from sinister government agents with her telekenetic father, she only wants to forget her monstrous abilities, and live a normal life. When the pair are captured, Charlie must decide between saving her father and using her fiery powers at the whim of a government only interested in using a weapon!

Phew!I've finished Firestarter! *wiping sweat off brow*
I don't know why this particular book took me that long to read.Maybe my heart was not really in it,or maybe I was so looking forward to reading all the other books I've bought, I was not so concentrated while reading this.

Of course, it's not the book's fault.Not at all.Stephen King is and always will be my favourite writer, so disappointing books by him are very few and far between.
Firestarter was a very good read.Not one of King's best, but fascinating nonetheless.It basically revolves around characters and their emotions and feelings and not so much around horror and mystery.I was officially hooked during the second half(after they get caught),because the first half was slow paced and a bit dull.Charlie's relationship with her father is the book's greatest strength, in my opinion, and what ultimately urges you to keep on reading.Unfortunately , the ending is not as rewarding as one would expect.It is weak, and it doesn't provide (the much needed) closure.
Despite all that though , Stephen King's writing is once again unparalleled even in one of his not so good works,and let's just stop for a second and consider the year this book was written and how radical it must have seemed back then.Or maybe how prophetic it seems now.


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