Sunday, March 7, 2010

READING : Mediator#2 High Stakes by Meg Cabot

Suze's new life in California is pretty cool. There's the pool parties, the new friends, and the fact that the hottest ghost in history happens to live in her bedroom. But when a screaming spirit appears at the end of her bed, Suze is thrown on to the trail of a murderer. All the clues lead to the freaky father of Tad Beaumont, the cutest boy in school... and the only guy who's ever asked Suze out. Not only is her potential beau's dad probably a killer but he also seems be some kind of vampire. So no one said that life as a mediator was going to be simple. But this is getting ridiculous...

What can I say about these books?A friend recommended them and at first I admitt,I was a bit hesitant,but whatever hesitation I may had,was gone after I finished the first book.
Never ever faltering -even a little bit-never tiring or repetitive,unbelievably funny and clever; that is how I can describe Meg Cabot's writing in the Mediator series.Even the supporting characters are very well written,Father Dom,her father and mostly her step brothers who I think are hilarious!The "they eat everything in sight" thing?Seen it happen,so true!
I have only read 2 books so far,but I doubt my opinion will change when I read the rest.I am anxiously waiting for something to happen between Suzie and Jesse but I don't mind at all that something has yet to happen.Not a fan of the 2 pages-fall in love thing, anyways.The series consists of only 6 books, so this I guess is the one negative thing I have to say about it.Small enough books, you can finish each in 2-3 days.
You would surely enjoy these books, I totally recommend them.

Suzie : "He was clearly a couple of fries short of a Happy Meal"

...and every "he is crazy" metaphors and expressions she used!



  1. You commented saying you couldn't buy Secret Society because it wasn't out yet. Buy it here:
    Free shipping world wide!

  2. Thank you very very much for the info.But here's the thing:
    1.I have bought from the Book Depository so many times (it's a seller at and I always considered it to be UK only,don't know why that is)
    2.There is a bit of a problem with our credit cards due to a huge theft incident a while back so we are extremely careful now.Tomorrow I'll go to the bank and issue a debit card ,though, since unfortunately it doesn't have a Pay Pal paying option.
    The good thing is that it ships to Greece for free and it has many titles.So thank you very much for telling me!


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