Tuesday, March 30, 2010

READING : Scandal by Kate Brian

In the 11th Private Reed has arrived back to Easton after her harrowing kidnapping to the worst thing she can think of - Billings has been torn down. Finally, after years of controversy from the administration, the school's wealthiest female alumni have been overruled and the historical dorm is gone from Easton Academy. How will Reed and the rest of the Billings Girls handle this? Will they still be as powerful, as popular and as mean with literally no ground to stand on?

And we're back!Back to a great plot, back to familiar scenery and characters we love to hate(or hate to love), back to awesomness!

I'm glad Kate Brian decided to refocus on writing what she obviously is so good at : Easton.
Paradise Lost and Suspicion were not the best books of the bunch, it seemed that something was always going wrong, the writing, the plot, the characters.Nevertheless, I still find that describing the female lead's survival on a deserted island with no water or food, was extremely brave of her.People usually don't like reading stuff like that in a chick lit. However, that small-in comparison-incident, didn't save the books from being pretty boring.But with Scandal everything just falls into place, very smoothly and easily.You forget everything that happened in the PL and SUS, and right away you feel that warm sense of familiarity,that has you curled up in bed, never wanting to put the book down.Unfortunately, it doesn't last long because the book is so good, you keep turning the pages and reading like crazy-old grudges, secret societies,fall outs, disappearances and of course luuurv!- and before you know it, it's finished, with yet another intense cliffhanger,leaving you craving for Vanished.

Even if many of you got tired of the Private series or abandoned all hope after the last two books, I assure you that Scandal makes up for everything.It's a definite MUST READ!


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