Sunday, April 25, 2010

DISCOVERING : Dresden Files Series, Audio Books

I was never into audio books.When I read, I tend to get distracted a lot and I often need to backtrack and read some pages again.So, audio books, not much of an option for me.
But today,a friend of mine told me that the reader of Jim Butcher's series "The Dresden Files"(which I was ultimately planning to read) is non other than James Marsters!Yes, THE James Marsters.!So,1st audio book of the series already downloaded and ready to be listened to, I guess.Excited!!

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  1. I also discovered Audio Books a few months ago...and it was really a surprise. I still prefer reading, but listening to books is great, specially when the narrator is good.

    enjoy! and tell us if you like it!

  2. I am still not a fan of audio books.I haven't listened to the first novel of the Dresden files yet, but I will, because James Marsters narrating is a huge incentive!I have also dlded the Black Dagger Brotherhood Audio books, but turns out that the narrator is a man, and , for whatever reason, it feels kinda weird...

  3. Enjoy listening to JM read The Dresden Files! He comes up with some wonderful voices for the characters. He's the reason I got into The Dresden Files and I currently reading the latest book :)


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