Tuesday, May 25, 2010

READING : The Insiders by J.Minter

A captivating, scandalous look into the privileged and turbulent world of five fabulous guys living in Manhattan's trendiest neighborhoods. Jonathan is the leader of the pack-but what will happen if the pack falls apart? Arno's way with the girls makes you wonder, can boys be sluts? David is known as the nice guy, but will he stay that way? Mickey is always in trouble, and Patch is just MIA. They've got rich parents, go to top schools, and have hip friends. With so many parties to go to, colleges to impress, girls to win over, and so much money to spend, who can keep track of it all? And can true friendship really shine through in the end? 

I admit that chick lit is my guilty pleasure,but this is overkill!

J.Minter's world in NYC is completely superficial.Flat characters, with nothing to show for themselves beside their unbelievably good looks and immeasurable amount of money, no plot whatsoever,  unless you count the guys' numerous attempts to hook up with girls, which, as it turns out, is all they can bother to think about.

Reading books of this genre you surely do not expect high quality literature.However, you do anticipate some kind(any kind!) of a story,around which the main characters of the book will develop.A plain novel structure that The Insiders simply didn't have.A guy version,and a bad one at that,of Gossip Girl?I'll pass!


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  1. Wow, chick lit from guy's perspective? Don't see that around too much. Sorry to hear it was not too good.

  2. It was interesting to read these stuff from a guy's POV, but then it got awkward!

  3. This sounds really interesting and how awesome that you are from Athens! I visited there last summer and loved it.

  4. :) Glad you liked it!Most people that live here desperately want to leave!


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