Friday, June 11, 2010

Pretty Little Liars Pilot Review

I was waiting so long for the pilot of PLL,since I am a huge fan of the books, and I must admit, I am little bit disappointed.

I'll try not to compare the series to the books much.I don't think I have to really since,the pilot at least,was very similar to the book.Only Jenny's last name is changed and the time period between Ali's disappearance and the "present".
However,as I watching I had the constant feeling I was watching 5 episodes all shoved into one.Anyone who has read the books will get what I am saying.I don't know if I would understand  anything that went on if I hadn't read the books beforehand.But maybe I'd enjoy it more if I hadn't read the books.I really don't know.

I didn't like any of the guys.Well, maybe Ezra a little bit,if he got rid of that stupid haircut!I think the best looking one was Mike,Aria's brother, and we didn't get to see much of his face!Ian...OMG Ian was awful!!In case you don't remember, he is Melissa's,Spencer's sister's,boyfriend from Spencer's flashback.First of all,Ian is blonde.I know you think it's a minor detail, but trust me,it's really not.Anyway,guy-wise it was a let down.Also, a guy that plays a major role in the books was not introduced.Maybe later on.

Now, the girls.I like Spencer.I like the girl they cast for her role,even though I never thought I would.She is not the out of this world beauty,which Ali is supposed to be(which she so isn't,btw) and I think she is exactly as she is described in the books.Well, apart from the blonde hair.What do they have against blondes??Dunno!
The girl who plays Emily is OK, but not at all who I would have picked.The other I have no problem with yet.

Plot was really a mess.Everything was happening so fast, Ali's disappearing, Aria and Ezra's alleged relationship,Emily confiding so easily in Maya, a girl she just met(same goes with Aria and Ezra),and in general the whole episode, especially the first half, was a blur.I know they are trying to fit everything in 10 episodes but I think they've overdone it.Also, do you know if the first season is supposed to be about the first book or more,because if that's the case,and judging from the first episode,I don't think I'll like it much.

But there is no need to jump into conclusions.There are 9 episodes ahead, we'll just have to wait and see where this whole thing is headed.

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