Wednesday, August 25, 2010

READING : Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

Publication date: September 1st, 2009
Published by: Scholastic Press
Source: Bought
Rating: 6/5
Against all odds, Katniss Everdeen has won the annual Hunger Games with fellow district tribute Peeta Mellark. But it was a victory won by defiance of the Capitol and their harsh rules. Katniss and Peeta should be happy. After all, they have just won for themselves and their families a life of safety and plenty. But there are rumors of rebellion among the subjects, and Katniss and Peeta, to their horror, are the faces of that rebellion. The Capitol is angry. The Capitol wants revenge.
I don't think there is a single thing I could say about this book that has not already been said.I keep trying to think what to write in my review about Catching Fire and only one thing comes to mind:stunning.Oh and some other things, like unbelievable, amazing, awesome.

I was in such a reading denial this last mont- I could not concentrate and I just didn't want to read anything- and this book snapped me out of it, and that has got to count for something.

I think that I liked Catching Fire more than Hunger Games, if that's even possible.I liked how the characters grew, I loved the story about the mutiny,which got me super excited, I loved the idea of the Quell, everything that's in this book.And the writing...oh, the writing!I am so glad and proud that I can honestly say that this book,and Hunger Games, does not only have an original and fascinating story but is also a literature gem.I bow to you, Suzanne Collins.

I know that my review probably won't say much to you.There really isn't much to say 1.without  major spoilage and 2. without the fear of sounding like a broken record.

All I can say to you is : buy and read these books because if you don't, you're beyond any doubt, missing out!

Don't miss Mockingjay, the last part of the Hunger Games trilogy, coming out August 24th!

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  1. This series is haunting me ... it's everywhere I go! I need to start on it soon!

    Stopping by to let you know that I have chosen you for an award on my blog! Visit this post to accept the award!

  2. OMG, thank you so much for the award!!!
    And yes, you should start reading the HG series ASAP!!It's amazing!!!!

  3. Hey! I'm from the blog hop.

    Your blog is wonderful! I think our rating systems are quite similar. :D I'm looking forward to reading more from you, so I've newly followed. ;)

    I'm reading Catching Fire at the moment, and I love this non-spoilery review!

    Hope you have a lovely Friday!
    ●▬▬▬๑۩Tina @ Book Couture۩๑▬▬▬▬●


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