Sunday, October 10, 2010

I've been tagged!

Yes, it happened to me too!I was tagged by both Anna @ Books To Brighten Your Mood and Eleni @ La Femme Readers

4 things that are in my handbag
1.MP3 player
4.Orange flavored Tic Tacs

4 things in/on my desk
1.My computer
2.My cell phone
3.A cup of coffee
4.A pen

4 favourite things in my bedroom
1.My bookcase (Billy from IKEA!Eleni, you think we have it in the same colour? :P)
2.My computer
3.My bed
4.My Interview With The Vampire poster

4 things I always wanted to do but haven't
1.Go to the US(anywhere in the US!), New Zealand or/and Bora Bora
2.Play a musical instrument
3.Finish my TBR pile
4.Not to worry about everything all the time

4 things I enjoy very much at the moment
1.Reading anything I can get my hands on
2.Going to 2 concerts in the next couple of months
3.Watching tons of TV series
4.I'm drawing a blank :/

4 songs I can't get out of my head(at the moment)
1.Love Dealer - Esmee Denters & Justin Timberlake
2.Billionaire - Travie McCoy & Bruno Mars
3.Head Over Heels - Tears For Fears
4.Love Lockdown - White Lies(Kanye West cover)

4 things you don't know about me
1.Things I fear most: snakes and earthquakes
2.When I finish a book and I know there is gonna be a sequel, I keep notes so I won't forget what the book was about when I pick up the sequel
3.I was in an elevator with Julie Benz and Connor Trinneer once in Bonn,Germany
4.I love the coconut/chocolate combo

Tag 4 people
Meg @ BoocMac

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  1. Keeping notes after finishing a book is genius! Sometimes I forget what it's about when I pick the sequel up. Oh and mine is Black, how about yours??

  2. @Eleni I know right??At first I thought it was dorky but then it turned out to be very useful(but still dorky :P)
    Mine is dark brown.


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