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In a couple of days the year 2010 will be gone and with it some great(and other not so great!)book memories which I'd love to share with you guys.So, despite the fact that I have not been able to successfully finish the 100+ Book Reading Challenge hosted by J.Kaye,for the simple reason that I have only counted the books I read from mid February 2010 till December 2010, I am pretty sure I have read 100+ in 2010 and I am pretty damn proud of myself!
Without further ado, I would like to present to you my favourite reads of 2010(in no particular order.Well, maybe just the first one ;):

Anna And The French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

What can I possibly say about this book?It's only amongst my favourite books of all time.
Read it!You must!

Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles

Perfect contemporary romance between a bad,sexy,mysterious guy and a beautiful,popular girl.
Loved it!

 A sweet but very painful paranormal/contemporary romance.If you haven't read it yet, get right to it!

A Reliable Wife by Robert Goolrick

This is an adult book but oh so unbelievably good!Goolrick's writing is just brilliant!

I know that Hunger is supposed to be a YA novel, but personally I don't think it is.I think it  appeals more to  older readers.
Raw, violent, bloody.Awesome!

I am totally in love with the Iron Fey series but I have to say that The Iron Daughter is my favourite of the three.

 Feast Of Fools by Rachel Caine

The same goes for the Morganville Series.Feast Of Fools is my favourite of the bunch, hands down!
I just love me some Myrnin!

I'll take a scandalous teenage story any day!Love,love Sara Shepard!

Even though the Hunger Games series disappointed me a little in the end, it will ,without a doubt,always be embedded in my mind. 

This book landed on my lap just at the time I needed it most!
If you're looking for an amazing paranormal romance, look no further!

I think would like this book a whole lot better if there were more people out there who are Team Logan!
Kidding aside, a very fun,fresh read!

Training school for witches and everything supernatural?I was sold from the get go!

A very deep, painful story about a girl struggling to find a home.
With zombies.
Go figure.

Why Richelle?Why did you have to do this to me?Why did you let me down in the end??
Ahem.OK now that that's out of the way, I will add Spirit Bound because granted, I loved it, but also for sentimental reasons.And because,in my opinion, Richelle Mead is simply the best YA author out there.

Phew!That post has taken me forever to finish!
I am so grateful to have read all these books,including the ones I didn't like,and most of all  a huuuuuuuge thank you goes out to theses incredible authors who had me completely mesmerized by the worlds they have created.
You guys are the best!

So that's what 2010 has been for me, bookwise. I can't wait to see what 2011 has in store for me!

Happy Holidays every one:)

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  1. I'm Team Logan! I'm Team Logan! Lol
    I forgot to put Perfect Chemistry on my list yesterday....grrr. Loved that one too. I really want to read Hunger.
    Good list.


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