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READING : Night Huntress Series by Jeaniene Frost

Night Huntress Series by Jeaniene Frost
Published by: Avon

First, I would like to take a second and say a ginormus thanks to my friend Anna@Books To Brighten Your Mood who practically shoved these books in my hands and who, since the day I met her, has been insisting I read them because I would simply love them.
Right you are,luv! (as a certain someone would say)

Wow, how do I even begin this?This last week I have been completely taken in by Jeaniene Frost's world, blissfully ignorant of the real world outside.To say that I completely and utterly adored these books, would certainly be an understatement. Granted, you may not like all the books equally.I know I didn't. You may like some stories or characters more than others.Some will majorly piss you off, I have no doubt about it.
But, at the end of the day, you come to realise that it just doesn't matter!

Now, I am not gonna review each book separately. I'd love to, but I am not gonna, since, for fear of revealing any spoilers, I know I'll just repeat the same things over and over.But I will like to say some things about the series overall.

I've been trying to think of what to write next for the last 15 minutes and only one word keeps popping up, forcing my hands to type it.
Bones, Bones, Bones,Bones!There I said it!
Bones is one of the most, if not THE most, beautiful, amazing male book characters in both YA and adult.He has everything, and I mean everything!, working for him.He's hot as hell(duh), loving, caring, tender, funny, but also devilishly lethal and dangerous.Oh, did I mention he's English too?Yeah, that pretty much did it for me.I know that a lot of people may have been or will be put off by his striking resemblance to Spike from Buffy The Vampire Slayer series, peroxide-moster that he is.Believe me when I tell you though, that I would be the first to not get past the first chapters of Halfway To The Grave if Bones reminded me of Spike, whom I loved in BTVS, even a little bit. But I am here to tell you that Bones is nothing like Spike and that it would be a shame to dismiss these books under a misassumption. 
I could go on and on about Bones and his awesomeness but I think whatever I'd choose to write about him, won't do him a bit of justice.So just read the books and marvel at his brilliance!

Apart from Bones however,there are a lot,A LOT,of other amazing characters.Cat, the female lead, is so insufferably human, you can't help but love her.Did I want to slap her hard across her face to put some sense into her at certain points?Hell, yeah!But that was what made her likeable to me.That despite her being a half breed and a bad ass herself, she has all these weak spots which granted, make her annoying as hell sometimes, while others you can't help but be fascinated by her humane reaction to immensely dire supernatural situations. It's so unreasonable and admirable at the same time.

I haven't mentioned this because I don't think I have to, but just in case: these books are Adult Paranormal Romance books.They are in NO way books for Young  Adults or Middle Graders.
And that brings me to Frost's writing and some specific scenes which are guaranteed to blow your mind!(Ahem Book 2,infamous Chapter 32 Ahem)While I overall love Frost's writing along with her enviable sense of humor, I would much rather the setting was the same in every book.Cat and Bones have traveled so much and lived in so many different places that made it difficult for me to acclimate to all these new and different surroundings,which made it even harder to care at some point, if you know what I mean.I would love for them to stay at one place which I can get attached to and consecutively,to them too.Like that lovely, quite cave in Halfway To The Grave, for instance.Ah, how I love that cave!

Bottom line: if you aren't so lucky to have a friend who knows what she's talking about and force you to read these books, then you absolutely, definitely,certainly,without a doubt must go to your nearest bookstore and buy the whole series RIGHT.NOW.You will definitely not regret it!

If you're a fan already, don't forget!Book 5, This Side Of The Grave, is coming out February 22nd by Avon.You can read the first 2 chapters here:

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  1. To say "Told you so",won't be a comment i haven't made a handfull of times the last days!!!Loved the overall series review :)

  2. I hate when people say "I told you so"!!!!!I only like it when I say it :P
    But in this case, you have every right to say "I told you so" till you're absolutely exhausted from saying it, because yeah.You were right!

  3. I freaking LOVE the Night Huntress series. Bones is seriously hot! And funny, and sexy, and charming, and did I mention HOT? I'm so excited for This Side of the Grave.

  4. I luv Bones!! I've been trying to get a friend of mine to read these but she won't. I know that she'll luv them.


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