Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Giveaway Winner, New Giveaway and...Other Stuff :)

Thanks to HarperTeen, I'm giving away a finished copy of Father Of Lies by Ann Turner.

Truth or Lies?
Lidda knew, with a clarity that was like a candle in a dark room, that all had changed; something was loosed in the village—Devil or not—and they would pay for it, every last man, woman, and child.
Fourteen-year-old Lidda has always known she was different. She longs to escape Salem Village and its stifling rules—to be free to dance, to sing, to live as she chooses. But when a plague of accusations descends on the village and witch fever erupts, L idda begins to realize that she feels and sees things that others can't, or won't. But how will she expose the truth without being hung as a witch herself?

Contest rules:
*One person will win 1 finished copy of Father Of Lies by Ann Turner.
*Contest open to US residents only.If you have a friend in the US I will be happy to send to them.
*Contest ends March 20th, 2011.
*Winner will be announced on the blog and informed by e-mail.If I don't hear back from you within 2 days, I will pick a new winner.
*You don't have to be a follower to enter the contest, although if you do chose to follow it'd be much appreciated :)
*Comments will not count as entries, but feel free to leave one.

Fill out this form HERE to enter.

Good luck :)


My YA Historical Romance is over, unfortunately :( 
A huge thank you to everyone that entered the competition!
I had 147 entries(not counting the doubles), and the number that came up on Random.org was...

Congratulations, Jasmine :)

Winner has already been contacted and has replied.


This post will unfortunately end on a more sour note, as I am announcing the end to the tour-side of this blog.
Yeah, it's sad. Unfortunately, I don't have that tough a skin and I don't like it when people call me names on their emails. Especially when they know they're wrong. I won't refer to any specific incident, but I assure you there were a lot. I guess being an unpopular blogger  automatically puts a target on my back saying "Here, prey on the weak". I bet these people would never pull stuff like that if they participated in other bloggers' tours. Anyway, I shouldn't care what they do, because I don't really care for them as individuals. Thing is, they ruined the whole thing for the rest of you, who've been nothing but supportive and kind. Yes, making a tour-blog equals hard work, vast knowledge of the books that are coming out and of course an enormous amount of stress. Honestly, I wouldn't mind that if I had to deal with polite and caring people. But seeing how some people out there can't be kind, polite, or caring even if their lives depended on it, I can't go through all this, just so they can do their thing. I am well aware what a move like that will cost me, but I'm really really sorry, I just can't.
I would like to thank the participants of the tours for the support they've given me and  a special thanks must go out to a bunch of awesome bloggers who helped me go through with the tours. You know who you are, I love you :)

Tours that are already ongoing will continue as planned, of course.
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  1. Thanks for the amazing contest!

    I'm so sorry that people were so rude to you. It stinks that there are inconsiderate people in the world, but there are. Thanks for trying to out though!

  2. Aww noo! I wanted to donate some ARCs. I'm sorry some ppl have treated you badly. :( I really enjoyed your book tours. Thanks for all that you've done!

  3. Great contest!

    I'm sad that the blog tour is ending, since I've only recently been a part of it. I want to thank you for the opportunity to read wonderful books that I might not otherwise have been able to read. I'm sorry that it has to end on a sour note for you, but know that some of us were truly grateful for the work you put into the tours!

  4. @everyone Thanks so much you guys for your kind words!It means a lot to me <3

  5. I'm sorry to hear about this! I've just recently joined the tour site and I've really enjoyed it... so I'm utterly sad to see it go! Thank you for the opportunity to read and share some awesome books with others!

  6. Aw, that's sad about the tours. They were fun. But I completely understand, no one should have to put up with that kind of rudeness. I'm sorry that happened to you. There's no excuse for calling someone names, especially when what you were doing was generous. Thank you for having the tours, though, I'm glad I got a chance to participate in some of them!

  7. I have no clue why someone would call you names over running a tour portion of your blog. I really did enjoy the tours, I was happy to donate to them and I was going to donate more in the coming months. I'm sad to see the tour site go and I'm upset that people have decided to upset you. Thank you for all the great work and energy you put into your blog. I hope in the future people treat you better :)

  8. Congrats to the winner! Boo to name callers. I was just getting the tour rules down and knew what to do. haha Thanks for sharing the books I did get to be a part of, it was fun while it lasted. :)

  9. Thanks for all the great tours you've done! I'm sorry that you had to deal with unpleasantness. That is just NOT COOL! I appreciate all the hard work you put in.


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