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READING: Book Of Spells by Kate Brian

Book Of Spells by Kate Brian

Publication date: December 21st, 2010
Published by: Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing
Source: Bought
Rating: 3/5

The year is 1915 and 16 year old Eliza Williams has just arrived at the Billings School for Girls.her parents expect her to learn the qualities needed to be a graceful and obedient wife, but Eliza has other plans...

After finding a dusty, leather-bound spell book, Eliza forms a secret coven with eleven other Billings girls, disguising their gatherings as a literary society to hide their secret.Bonded by sisterhood, the girls taste freedom and power for the first time, but what began as innocent fun quickly turns into something sinister when one spell has an unexpected-and deadly-consequence.Eliza realises that magic has the power to bring her all she's ever wanted...or destroy everything she holds dear.

But is it too late to stop what she's started?
Books Of Spells takes a break from the main story and is set in 1915, telling the story of the original Billings girls.So in case you were wondering, there is no Noelle,Reed,Josh or any of the usual Private gang in Book Of Spells.

Even though I liked the premise,  and I loved the fact that Brian decided to write historical, the execution wasn't very good, I'm afraid.
I didn't care all that much for any of the characters, to be honest.While Eliza and Theresa may remind you of Reed and Noelle at first, they are nothing like them. Eliza is this coy, caring, adventurous 16 year old girl, who later makes a complete 180 and decides to go after what she wants no matter the cost. She then goes back to being decent and respectful and then back to boyfriend-snatcher again!The love story didn't do it for me, it was not believable at all and I think Brian added it just to fill the awkward pauses between the story, which by itself, was awkward enough.
Theresa was the obvious mean girl, who in my opinion, was the victim and nothing more.We were never told what happened between her and Eliza's sister, not in full anyway, even though everyone acted like it was a big deal.Speaking of Eliza's sister, what was that she told Eliza at the beginning of the book?And why was it presented to us as "important", only to be left unexplained?

Honestly, I expected more from Brian at this point and from this series which I absolutely love.I mean the story was not all bad, but I think it would have been best if it was a short story or a companion novel or something and not a whole book, and a prequel at that.Especially considering the first Private prequel, Last Christmas, which was maybe the best book in the series.

Despite the fact that Book Of Spells disappointed me, I got a taste of Ominous, the next book in the Private series coming out February 22nd, and it was more than enough to get me back in Private mode!
So, I really can't wait to read it and if you are considering picking up the Private series,please do because it's amazing!Even with some minor bumps on the way :)
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  1. great and HONEST review. I have this book waiting for me at the library


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