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READING: The Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning

Fever series by Karen Marie Moning
Published by: Delacorte Press

Book 1: Darkfever
Book 2: Bloodfever
Book 3: Faefever
Book 4: DreamFever
Book 5: ShadowFever

::These books are Adult books.They are in NO way books for Young  Adults or Middle Graders::

I only finished reading ShadowFever last night but alas!The emotional roller coster that is the Fever series has come to an end.
For almost a week I lived and breathed Fever.Anyone that knows me was painfully aware of that!
To say that I completely and utterly adore this series, would be a colossal understatement!
Although I was kinda hesitant at first, seeing that the Urban Fantasy genre is not my scene, I soon came to realize that the Fevers, as I call them, are nothing but the finest example of excellent writing and brilliant story weaving.
From Barrons's enigmatic existence and Mac's unfathomable compassion, to V'lane's majestic composure, each and every one of the characters is created so meticulously and with so much care, that make Moning's excellent writing skills and unbounded imagination, a thing of beauty!
I am not gonna dwell on each book separately, that would take ages!However, I would like to express some thoughts about the last book, Shadowfever.


- Barron's identity is not exactly defined in the last book, and I know that it pissed a lot of people off.
Me?I couldn't care less!Why put a name on it?We learn so much stuff about him that I really don't feel the need to label what Barrons is or isn't.Some things are just meant to remain a mystery and left to the imagination.

- Shadowfever exhausted me.It just mentally drained me.There was such an enormous flow of information in SF that you had to fight tooth and nail to stay clear headed and grasp everything that was going on.Why did Moning choose to do it this way?Honestly, I don't know.I believe that if this book was divided into books 5 and 6, it would be so much easier to get into and not constantly feel like SF is literally sucking on your brain, tormenting moment after tormenting moment.
How many different personalities did Mac change in Shadowfever?Hm can't remember. And there's a reason for that!
I am the concubine, I am the Unseelie King, I am Mac, I am the Unseelie King again...There was really no need for all that.It almost made ME feel bi-polar by the end of the book!

- Oh my God,Mac!Seriously?You want to change the whole world for Barrons one minute(let's not forget that such thought never crossed her mind when she lost her sister) and say that you don't trust him the next?Come on!

- After everything that has happened, and you know that soooo many things went down(I had to keep notes at some point!), the ending for me was, I don't wanna use the word easy but I will.It was easy and somewhat convenient.All hell breaks loose, half of world's population eradicated:call me crazy but I expected a huge bang at the end and I only got a teeny tiny one.Granted, surprises never cease until the very end but those too I found unnecessary. Why did V'lane had to be Cruce?I know he was not a completely likeable character but his sudden change into the BIG BAD with only 20 pages or so left, was not something I particularly enjoyed.

- Speaking of convenient-at-the-last-minute solutions, what the hell was Barron's son's death all about?Barrons, one of the most powerful creatures in all creation, who's lived for thousands and thousands of years and has searched all his life for a way to end his and his son's suffering but to no avail suddenly, but not surprisingly, Mac has an idea and his son dies just like that?5 lines, a paragraph was all it took?
Well, OK.Not my thing.

- Lastly, the only thing I am not gonna be able to forgive the Fevers was Dani's absolution.NO WAY I am gonna sit back and accept that Mac just forgave Dani for killing her sister, calling her her new sister and saying that Alina would understand, of all things!I just can't accept that.I am not saying she should hunt Dani down and kill her, no. But I am not gonna accept that she calls her sister's murderer her sister, either.Some things cannot be forgiven.

Last but certainly not least!
My objections about Shadowfever aside, the first thing that comes to mind whenever I think about the Fevers now or will think in the future, is chapter 4 in DreamFever.For those of you who can't remember that specific chapter, which I honestly think is impossible, chapter 4 is the one in which Barrons tends to Mac after she has become Pri-ya at the end of FaeFever.For me, that particular scene has rightfully earned its place amongst the all-time best scenes ever written in a paranormal book.And that's an undeniable fact!


I could go on and on and on and on about the Fevers and things I loved and didn't love, things that made me mad as hell and things that made me laugh like crazy.The scale of humation emotions is vast and believe me, these books will stir up each and every one of them!
I absolutely, completely, totally recommend them!!

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  1. I could only read a little bit of your post but I wanted to say that I love the fever series too at least so far..lol I am only on book two but I was hooked right into the first one and couldn't wait to read the second one so I am sure i will like them all. :)

  2. ********SHADOWFEVER SPOILERS******

    Omg, Shadowfever was insane! It was definitely emotionally draining. I loved it, especially the last half of the book (cough-the basement scene). Lol, but yes, she's Mac then the concubine then the UK, etc. and there were a bunch of identities to keep track of.

    Karen said that the next books in the Fever world will feature Dani, Ryodan and Christian. I really hope Dani becomes more tolerable, because I don't think I'd be able to read an entire book about her the way she is now.

  3. @Ladystorm I am sure you'll love it, Bloodfever was my favourite of the bunch!

    @Rachel Dani uh?Yeah I don't like her at all and honestly, I don't want to read a whole book about her lol
    Ryodan and Christian I don't mind.

  4. I have yet to start this series. I have the first one on my Nook but I haven't read it yet.


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