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READING: Vengeance by Kate Brian

Vengeance by Kate Brian

Publication date: September 6th, 2011
Published by: Simon&Schuster
Genre: YA Contemporary, Mystery
Rating: 3,5/5
After the devastating events at Reed's birthday party, Noelle is determined to put the past to rest, but Reed is adament about rebuilding Billings. Coming up against endless roadblocks from the headmaster, not to mention Billings alumni, Reed will not let her legacy end with a pile of rubble.

As if that weren't enough, old ghosts come back to haunt to the Billings Girls. Reed has been through the ringer in her time at Easton and she starts to wonder if maybe she can even make it out of this place alive.
My review contains some spoilers from previous Private books, but NOT from Vengeance, assuming you have read every other book before it. 

The end is not near, it's here! After 14 installments and 2 prequels, the Private series has come to an end.

Going into Vengeance I thought that initially at least, there would be more talk about Mr. Lange's death and you know, more grief, and that it would take more time for the girls to go back to thinking about boyfriends and frenemies. Unfortunately, that didn't happen, and it made Vengeance's start kinda awkward for me. Even Noelle, his own daughter, seemed not so thrown over the fact that her father was murdered only a couple of months ago. I don't know, personally I thought it was weird.

In addition, the great revelation in the end definitely felt rushed and not thought out at all. It was not convincing in the slightest and to be honest, I felt kinda silly reading it. I guess there was no more drama to dig up and no more people left to be the murders/victims. That's why I think the series had reached its peak with Revelation(book #8) and the rest was just plain good, with the exception of the St.Barths books which I didn't like at all. 

I did expect a way better ending to an all time favorite series of mine and one that kept me awake many a nights. I will never forget the amazing time I had reading the Private books, especially my favorite out of the bunch, Last Christmas. I am really looking forward to Kate Brian's future works!
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